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Characteristics definition£º

Rated current,rated speed,and rated input power shall reach
      bottom line of specification after 5 minutes rotation at rated
      voltage and reach standard specification after 10 minutes 
      continuous at rated voltage.
 Starting voltage is the least voltage that enables to start the
      fan by sudden power on.
  Accoustic sound level test descriptions
      At rated voltage in sound proof room Background
  Operating temperature: -10¡æ~+70¡æ
  Storage temperature: -30¡æ~+85¡æ
  Environment humidity: 10%(RH)45¡æ for 24 hours & 98% (RH)
       45¡æ for 24 hours.
   Insulation resistance: At least 10M¦¸ at 500 VDC between
       housing and both lead wires.
   Dielectric strength: Withstand 500 VAC 1 minute 1mA between
       housing and both lead wires.
   Life ecpectance:Continuous operation at rated voltage and
       normal temperature & humidity.
  Tensible strength of connector:Connector will not be any broken
      at 1 Kg for 15 seconds per piece.

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